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Importance of Interior Design | fci London Blog

There are many aspects to interior design that fci London comply with. our expert view could help you decide whether interior design is something that your room needs. Read about the benefits of interior design and why it could be crucial for your home and even for your mood.


In need of a Wardrobe to store your bulky, knitted jumpers this winter? Fci are here to help

We have some beautiful furniture here at fci, here is just one of the examples of Italian refinement and good taste in furniture…

Looking for a cosy yet luxury sofa for the upcoming festive period? You have come to the right place…

Athos Sofa by Naustro Italia Accent Collection. The Athos sofa is a charming couch by Naustro Italia and was designed by Alberto Demuse


White furniture is on your wish list? Slide Sideborad by Alivar makes your wish come true!

Are you looking for an unique, classy note in your decor? Even when set in a corner or pushed against the farthest part of the wall, the Slide Sideborad is sure to stand out and draw attention


Do you need a colourful vase to hold all the beautiful May flowers? Bambola L Clear Gold Vase by Gaas brings the sun in your living room!

Did you think that vases can be precious also? This vase is pure Gold! Actually, it’s the L Clear Gold version from Bambola collection, a line that features vases in many colors and all sizes made in mouthblown glass with handcut surface.


Warm evenings are coming and you want to spend them outside? Enjoy the light produced by Tree 4015 Outdoor Lamp by Vibia!

Have you seen how effective the new Tree 4015 Outdoor Lamp by Vibia can be? Light for outdoor use designed by Pete Sans. With a polyethylene diffuser, its base is available in two finishes:


Are you ready to welcome a timeless elegance in your home? All-One Sofa by Bonaldo will be your new friend!

Have you been looking for simplicity that adds style to your living room? The simplicity and starkness of the silhouettes lend this sofa a timeless elegance