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White furniture is on your wish list? Slide Sideborad by Alivar makes your wish come true!

Are you looking for an unique, classy note in your decor? Even when set in a corner or pushed against the farthest part of the wall, the Slide Sideborad is sure to stand out and draw attention


Vintage furniture can make a difference in modern decors? Aquitaine Console Table by Christopher Guy shows you how!

Do you think that a fabulous hand-carved console can take an echo of Coco’s past to add a sense of occasion to today’s contemporary lifestyles? If you have seen this console table, you kow what we are talking about!

White is your favourite colour when it comes to furniture? Have a look at Slide Sideborad by Brillian Lifestyle

How it would be like to have a White Brilliance in my hallway? If this thought ever crossed your mind, you should consider buying our new sideboard! Even when set in a corner or pushed against the farthest part of the wall, the Slide Sideborad is sure to stand out and draw attention. With a top in painted acrylic stone and handles and base in polished or painted aluminium, its beauty will shine through. Lacquered MDF makes up the rest of the sideboard, including the four drawers and two side doors.

Are you a fan of luxurious furniture? Allure Sofa by Christopher Guy can turn your living room into an opulent exhibit!

Have you ever thought about using vintage inspiration furniture in modern combinations? This magnificent tuft back loveseat is a delight with its elegantly designed form, further refined by its signature Chris-cross legs.

Reading is your hobby? You will need new furniture to tidy all your favourite books! Have a look at Aleph Bookcase by Jesse

Have you been looking for a modern furniture piece that can help you tidy all your favourite books? Aleph Bookcase by Jesse can be the one! Wooden modular wall bookcase. Finishing: matt lacquer for the inside and shelves;